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Sell your old CDs online for quick cash with DiscFlipper

DiscFlipper is the quick and easy way to sell your old CDs online. It’s FREE to use and we pay the postage, so you don’t have to. If you’re thinking of selling 25 or more CDs, we’ll even collect them from you... for free!

We don’t discriminate against your tastes – what you might think is old tosh, we may think is great. Everything has value, so why not give it a go and see how much your collection of unwanted CDs is worth.

How does selling my unwanted CDs online work? Well, it’s easy...

The DiscFlipper website is super easy to use. You simply enter the barcode number on your CDs into the box above and click the "Add CD" button. We’ll then tell you what it’s worth. You can continue uploading as many CDs as you want – the more you want to sell, the more cash we’ll give you!

We offer a free courier collection service or, if you prefer not to be waiting in for the courier to arrive, you can choose the option of dropping off at a local collection point.

We like to think we’re a helpful bunch here so if you have any issues then just email us and we will reply and help you ASAP.

Quick payments for your CDs

Once we have received your CDs, we give them a once over by doing a little quality check to make sure they are what they should be and that the CDs inside match up with the case (I’m sure we’ve all got at least a few in the wrong cases). Providing they meet our standard requirements then we send out a cheque within two days of booking them in.

Upload and offload

If you have those favourite CDs you just don’t want to part with, why not upload them to your mobile device so you can still hear your favourite tunes? After all, the tunes are portable without having to carry all that plastic. Once you’ve done that, you can then convert them into even more cash by selling the physical CDs on DiscFlipper.

Money for you or donate to charity?

At DiscFlipper, we like to encourage charity donations so if you have a favourite charity and you would prefer the cheque to be made payable to them, simply type the charity name instead of your own when filling in your details, that way when the cheque arrives you can just pass it on to your chosen charity.

We also accept DVDs, blu-rays and games

If you have any DVDs, blu-rays or computer games that you would also like to turn into cash, then feel free to add them all to the same transaction. We love DVDs and games as much as CDs. Please be aware that we do not accept PC games....Sorry!

Recycling your old CDs is better than throwing them away

We won’t say that this is our main aim but it’s worthwhile knowing that instead of throwing your old CDs out in the bin, not only are you generating some extra cash by using DiscFlipper, there is an excellent chance that your discs will end up in another home that will love them as much as you first did!

It’s up to you now

Ok, you’ve read a brief description of what we do and what we offer and we hope you like what you have read. Don’t forget, if you have any questions then we’re here to help, simply email us at contactus@discflipper.com.
*For clarity - we do not accept PC games.